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Hello, Friends! I’m excited to introduce you to my new friend, Connie Miller Pease. She has written and published a delightful book, Mrs. Covington’s Sunday School Dropouts. I’ve invited her to share some of her beautiful writings with us today. Enjoy!

Dock-at-sunset-2I’m rambling tonight. Indulge me.

God’s kindness is beyond what we ask or imagine. We ask for some small thing that we think we need or want and He gives us that and something better besides. We ask for help and we find it in surprising places. We ask for healing and are provided with healing of all kinds, some of which we don’t understand.

We learn this when we are small and in our innocence ask for something which might amuse an adult, but to which our God bends His ear and listens with understanding. Years pass, our requests continue, varying with age and spiritual maturity and the winds of life.

Do we notice how often this happens? Or do we fret, ask, and forget when the answer blesses our path?

We learn that wherever we are and whoever we become, sometimes good, sometimes bad, our Creator is there. He’s there.

There’s a lot we see in this world, whether looking through a telescope into the heavens or peering through a microscope at a tiny cell, that we don’t understand. Some of us have an amazing capacity for remembering facts and drawing conclusions, or are gifted with an intuitive understanding of parts of nature or of people, or possess a spiritual sensitivity to see or hear or think things others just don’t.

But it all pales in comparison to a Creator so astoundingly intelligent and brave and creative and faithful and loving we just don’t really get it. We just can’t. And into our weak understanding, He answers our requests with such kindness, such gentle loving, such goodness, all we can do is be amazed. And grateful.

I will never leave you nor forsake you.

From Connie: I’ve had a career in the professional world and I’ve been a stay at home mom. Both are good things, but family wins every time. I love my dog. I live in the city which offers many conveniences, but I love spending time at a little cabin in northern Minnesota where inconveniences are part of its charm. I hope life is good for you.

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