Kindness is My Responsibility

Hi, friend.

I’m writing this the weekend before the Tuesday elections.

When you read this, we may know who our President is for the next four years. And perhaps we are still waiting to find out.

Whatever our situation is …

Kindness is our responsibility. Yours and mine.

Some are excited about the next four years and are celebrating.
Some are worried about the next four years and are grieving.

Kindness is our responsibility.

How about this …

Lord, help me to guard my tongue.
Remind me that boasting and gloating in front of friends who are hurting is not kind.
Remind me that when I am angry and hurting, using strong words that sound mean is not kind.

Show me how I can create a larger circle and invite people in, rather than separating us with my words.

Remind me to pray for our President and leaders. It doesn’t matter who is in office.

Show me how I can help heal our communities and our country. That’s my responsibility, too.

Lord, help me to be kind.

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