Keeping Commitments: The Morning Wake-up Call

It’s that moment of decision.

I’m in that beautiful state of relaxation.  It’s warm under the covers.  My breathing is steady and slow.  Every muscle has decided to relax.

But it’s time to get up.

This is where the day starts for all of us.  Making a decision.

Do I keep the commitment I made to myself about getting out of bed so I have time for devotions, preparing for the day, and eating my oatmeal?  Or do I give in to the bliss of slumber and then go crazy during the 2-minute “getting ready” drill before my first appointment?

It’s not an easy choice.

I was reminded this morning about where this decision starts.  In my head.

I can talk myself into or out of anything if I take time to have the conversation.  The trick about keeping that early morning commitment is not to engage in the chit-chat. The warmth, relaxation, and peaceful dreams usually win.

So stop the conversation from beginning.  Just get up. When the clock tells you it’s “commitment time,” don’t even think.  Just lay the covers back, put your feet on the floor, take a deep breath, and stand-up.  There.  You’ve kept your first commitment.  The rest of the day will thank you for that.

Our commitments to ourselves.  Our choices.  Our decisions.  Each one creates our life.  The life we are living is significantly influenced by the choices we make.

It’s a love-hate relationship, this getting out of bed in the morning.  Each option gives me something I enjoy and want.  The big question: which option gets me closer to living the life I dream of?

Devotions, preparation and oatmeal are usually the right answer.

What would I do if I were ten times bolder (my theme for 2010)? I’d go to bed a little earlier at night so the morning wake-up call decision is a little easier

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