Joanne’s Prayer

The words were written on a regular piece of writing paper. No colorful, fancy stationery. No clever greeting card.

It was perfect.

My friend, Joanne Neumann, handed me the note before church started one Sunday morning.


“May you be blessed by the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.” 
(Psalm 115:15)

The words were few. And they brought all the power of the King of Kings with them.

Joanne is the kind of Girlfriend you want to have in your life.  Her heart knows how to love, care, and sacrifice.  Her kindness is immeasurable. And she brings snacks to our church board meetings.

Just think about this blessing she was praying…
Joanne was asking the Almighty God — the God who hangs the stars in the sky and cares about the one sparrow who falls from the tree branch – to bless me.

Do you see the gift in that?

God will answer Joanne’s prayer.  My life will be blessed, because she asked God to make that happen.

This note has been taped to the file sorter that sits on my desk for many, many months.  It reminds me of my friend, Joanne.  It reminds me to watch for the blessings.  It reminds me that I serve a really, really Big God.

I am grateful for my Girlfriend, Joanne.
I am even more grateful for the Big God who answers her prayer.

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