Honoring our Faith Traditions

Last week my friend and I had a delightful conversation about our faiths.  She is preparing for Passover, with all the rituals, dietary commitments, and readings that she and her Jewish family participate in.  I am looking forward to Maunday Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday, with their pageantry, emotions, and reminders of God’s faithfulness.

There are some differences in our beliefs.  But the same core elements—traditions—are included. Our focus is on God the Deliverer.  The Word is central to our worship.  And we usually share this most holy time with friends and family.

Our faith “holidays” are easy to commercialize, aren’t they?  Easter bunnies, Easter dresses, and the Easter egg hunt.  Nothing wrong with including them in our plans, as long as we never forget the real meaning of this time.

God has delivered us.  And for that reason, He deserves our worship.

What tradition can you start this year that will serve as a constant reminder of God’s faithfulness?  Maybe it’s reading from the Scriptures as you prepare for enjoying your Easter dinner.  Or perhaps as you sit around the dinner table, you each share a moment during the last year that reminded you of God’s faithfulness.  Or maybe you each select a Bible verse that will be “yours” during the next twelve months—one that you will cling to when you need God to deliver you from hurt, pain, or disappointment.

This most Holy Week deserves our faith-filled attention and hearts.  Honor your faith by keeping your focus on God—the Almighty Deliverer.

What would I do if I were ten times bolder (my theme for 2010)? I will start a Holy Week tradition with Steve this year.

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