God: Your Biggest Fan?

It’s a big-deal weekend here in Minnesota.  Our mighty Vikings (football) are playing for the NFC Championship tomorrow!  Go Vikes!

(Now if you aren’t a football fan, please hang with me…I think you’ll still enjoy this short note.)

It would appear as though most Minnesotans have completely lost their minds.  Office cubicles have been decorated in purple and gold, Favre jerseys have been sighted on every street corner, faces have been painted, and even Prince (the artist formerly known as…) wrote a song for the home team.  Chips, brats, beverages, and all things salty have been purchased and we’re ready for the game to begin.  Yup.  People are excited.  The fans have shown up.

This kind of excitement – support for the team we love – is great.

And it’s about football.

The energy and enthusiasm we have for our guys in purple doesn’t even come close to the level of devotion God has for us.  He’s our biggest fan.

It’s easy for me to think of God as my coach or my quarterback.  But my fan?  Haven’t thought about that until now.  But I’m glad I did.

“For God so loved the world, that He gave us His only Son…”

Every day is a championship game day with God.  No one cheers for us more than He does.  No one wants us to have a better game, a better day, a better life, than He does.  Wow.

Now I’m not taking anything away from the excitement of being a Vikings fan.  I’ll wear my Vikings helmet with the yellow hair braids with the rest of them.  It’s just kind of cool to think of God cheering for me from the sidelines.

And…What would I do if I were ten times bolder (my theme for 2010)?  I would embrace Brett Favre as a Viking.  It might just happen!

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