God is BIG

If we are depending on someone to take care of our most important needs, cares, and hurts, we want to make sure they’re up for the task. Right?

So let’s take a quick look/reminder at who God is, and why we can trust Him

  • He made the sea (think about that for a minute!) and his hands formed the land (Psalms 95:5)
  • He decides how many stars will hang in the sky, and calls them by name (Psalms 147:4)
  • He knows how many hairs are on your head (Matthew 10:30)
  • He knows every single time that a sparrow falls from its nest to the ground, and He cares about you even more than that (Matthew 10:29)
  • He ordained the days of your life, before you were even born (Psalms 139:16)

The list could go on and on and on. If He has these items on his resume, you can believe he’ll take care of every detail of your life! This is a very powerful and almighty God.

So. What headache or heartache is sharing space with you today? Ask God – this powerful, strong, all-knowing God – to replace your ache with his presence. Ask Him to soothe your spirit and give you His peace.

He will do that, you know.
He’s God.

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You are Extraordinarily Significant!