Game Changer!

My intention is to live a full, fun, faithful, joy-filled life.

My dad would call it a “This is livin!” life. (And he sure knew how to do that!)

But you know what?

Things get in my way.

Things like complaining. Whining. Stressing.

Yea. The silly things that can slurp the good right out of everything.

Know what I mean?

But. I’ve started responding to life’s moments a bit differently, and it’s a game changer!

Here’s what I’m doing …

I’ve added this phrase to my vocabulary, and I say it a lot:

What a great day!

It’s so simple!

I am acknowledging all the good moments throughout the day. Little things and big things.

The sun is shining and the breeze through the open windows feels so good …

What a great day!

I woke up feeling refreshed.

What a great day!

My car works and there’s a roof over my head.

What a great day!

Dinner with Steve at Applebee’s.

What a great day!

Yes, there are still a lot of things going on in life that would be easy to whine about. Messy moments are still part of the 24-hour cycle.

But I’ve discovered that when I choose to acknowledge the good things, my heart is encouraged, and my brain relaxes.

Saying What a great day! out loud – even if it’s a whisper to myself – changes how I’m feeling. And that changes how I engage with people. It changes what I’m focusing on.

I hope you don’t dismiss this idea because it seems too lollypop, rainbows, and unicorns.

I believe it can change your day.

Try it!

Every time something good happens – say out loud …

What a great day!

So many good things are happening around us and to us all the time.

What a great day!

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