Fit, Fun, and Fabulous

So I joined a Get Fit Boot Camp at my local YMCA.

Good grief.

I must have really been feeling motivated to kick some butt when I did that!

And now that motivation needs to turn into action.  Ooftah.

When I work out on my own, or with a trainer, I think I’m doing quite well.  How do I know?  Everything hurts and I thank God for every breath I’m still able to take.  And I’m only horizontal when the trainer tells me to get on the floor.

But now there are people to compare myself to – others in the Boot Camp.  And let me tell you, I’m not leading the pack!  I’m still huffin’ and puffin’ while others breathe gently.  I’m grabbing for my water bottle between sets hoping the water will keep me conscious.  And I’m just praying to stay vertical after lunges, while they “shake it off.”  (I’m exaggerating a bit – stay with me.)

Here’s what I’m so excited about…this is OK! 

The other ladies are fun and motivated – and we’re there to get “Fit, Fun, and Fabulous” (our team name) while not taking ourselves too seriously.

In our professional lives, we spend so much time focused on titles, promotions, being the best, getting the top performance rating, and not looking bad.  Right?  Right.

This is a great reminder that sometimes my best is good enough.  I’m pushing myself beyond what I think I can do, encouraging my fit, fun, and fabulous teammates, getting healthier, laughing a lot, and focusing on my own progress.  I’m leaving any comparisons to others in the locker room.

It’s good practice for the business world.  It’s not always about being better than everybody else.  Sometimes it’s about being your best. This is cool.

Feeling fun and fabulous today, and even closer to feeling fit…

By the way, I typed this post with my chin.  I think my arms are still attached to my body, but I’m not sure…

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