Enjoy Where You Are

The encouragement phrases like, “Live in the moment” and “Be fully present” can be a bit … uncomfortable sometimes. Perhaps even annoying. Right?

But there is truth in them for sure. There is power in those statements. I share them with friends and groups. They are little lights along our path that lead us to living a full, rich life. I’m a fan.

Here’s the deal …

Showing up fully present, paying attention to the people and activity around me? It makes me a better person. A more alive person. A more grateful person.

But I admit that when I’m up helping mom at 2:30 in the morning for the 2nd or 3rd time that night, I do NOT want to live in that moment. I want that moment to be done. Right now. So we can both go back to bed. (You get this right? We’ve all been there – different situations, same kind of moments.)

A few days ago I posted a little note on Facebook (@GayeLindforsAuthor) about how I’m learning to be content when things are sad, frustrating, or not how we planned. Fighting the situation, wishing it would go away, and forgetting to acknowledge that “This is how it is right now” just makes our heart hurt more and gives us a pain in the brain.

I’m in a short season of re-learning and remembering that “Life is good, and God is faithful.”

In my desire for situations to change or get better, I was spending a little too much time focusing on what needs to change. What I wish were different. Rather than on what’s really good in my now.

What I focus on impacts my emotions, my words, my actions. My life.

So. I am re-setting. I’m going to keep on looking for the bright spots. Listen for the kind words and lessons. Accept the beauty around me. Widen my peripheral vision.

As this re-setting time winds down in my heart and head (knowing we will meet again some day because that’s just life), I am reminded of these short phrases of encouragement. Like I said at the top of this note, there is truth and power in them.

If I want to live a faith-filled and joy-filled life, I will …

Live in the moment I’m in.

Show up and be fully present with the people around me.

Look for the blessings (AKA the chocolate!) that is right in front of me.

Life is good and God is faithful.

P.S. If you are in a really tough situation that is bigger than usual and you just want to run away from your moment but you can’t, these encouraging phrases may feel trite and simplistic. Please know that it is not my intent to sound flippant about your situation. And, there is something still good happening around you that could help you breathe a bit easier. Look for the little things. This note comes with a prayer specifically for you, asking God to bring you one kind word or one thoughtful action that gives you HOPE and PEACE today. Even though it may not feel like it, God will never, ever abandon you. You are loved. You are not alone.

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