HappyPlacesquareConsider what makes me Happy?


Shouldn’t I be more concerned about my Joy?
Isn’t Joy more important than my Happiness?

Or…maybe thinking about both for awhile is OK?

Ah, the ridiculous conversation in my head when I was thinking waaayyyy too hard about something simple.
Good grief.

Here’s what was going on…

A friend posted an invitation on Facebook to join her in a “happy exercise” (that’s my term for it). She directed us to http://100happydays.com.

I thought it sounded interesting, checked out the website, and was immediately intrigued. The invitation is to post a picture every day (Facebook, Twitter, or InstaGram) for 100 days of something that makes us happy.

It shouldn’t be that difficult, right? But I was surprised by the website’s comment that only 29% of those who start actually do it for 100 days. Why? Lack of time.

And oh…I get it.
Our days are so full that we sometimes forget to just stop and capture the moments
The aroma of spices and vegetables in a hot bowl of soup.
A favorite David Phelps song on the radio.
The taste of a juicy Honeycrisp apple.
Giggling when we come across a bad hair day picture from long ago.

We forget about those little things that make us smile. That really do make us happy.

This #100HappyDays was a heart event that I wanted to experience.

There was a little anxiety in this decision, though.

Most notably, it would require a little techie work. Things like using the camera on my iPhone, getting the picture on InstaGram, and learning how to use hashtags! {I know. These really aren’t difficult things to do. But in my world, they don’t come naturally.}

But I’m doing it and here’s my really fun news…

I am having a blast. Looking for the happy in the day is really warming my heart.

These few minutes aren’t wasted moments for me. They are changing the lens through which I look at what’s around me, what I’m seeing. And then taking the time to let those happy moments settle in my heart for a bit. Capturing them.

Best thing so far?
Yesterday my nephew, David, posted a response to one of my #HappyPlace pictures.
He noticed I was using hashtags.
He called me #CoolAunt.

Definitely a #HappyPlace.


P.S. If you are experiencing #100HappyDays or decide to give it a whirl, let me know! I’d love to follow your happy places. You’ll find mine posted on InstaGram (gayelindfors) #HappyPlace.

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