Cheese and Pickle Sandwiches

Some days it feels like I’ve sat down at a summer picnic, enjoying a juicy cheeseburger with ketchup and onion and relish, paired up with Ruffle chips, sweet potato salad, Bread & Butter pickles, and tangy baked beans. Everything feels perfect.

Other days, it feels like the heavens opened and life offered a spectacular treat—bubbly Hawaiian pizza and Special-K bars made with just the right amount of chocolate chips. Life is exceptionally tasty. Dreamy. True bliss.

And of course, there are those days that feel like I’m staring at a soggy paper plate covered with lutefisk with a side of pickled herring. I can’t even.

But most days? Life is like a cheese and pickle sandwich. Ordinary. Comfortable. With a little bit of sour, but nothing too sharp. A whole lot of familiar. I like these days.

What I’m realizing, and learning, is that no matter what is offered on the day’s menu, I don’t want to miss it. It’s a gift under a covered serving dish for me to open and consume. There is something good to discover; new experiences to explore.

Whatever the day offers, let’s not miss it. Let’s not fret about the annoying meals we had in the yesterdays, and let’s not worry about what might show up on our plates in the future.

Let’s be grateful that we have 24 hours to see beauty, hear music, read something good, and smile at someone.

Yes, that pickled herring is going to show up sometimes, but it’s not a meal that will last forever.

Cheese and pickle sandwiches rock.

We only get today once.

Let’s not miss it.

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