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On Fridays, my posting will introduce you to a tool, website, friend, or inspirational resource that will help make your life’s journey a bit easier. Today’s resource is a successful business woman and Girlfriend!

Let me introduce you to my friend, Organized Audrey. This is a woman who can help “transform your life, not just your space!” She is all about keeping things simple and organized.

The best part? You don’t have to invest big bucks or big chunks of time to make your life easier. She keeps things…simple!

She can help you develop systems and techniques for organizing your physical space, electronic and paper communications, and your time for peak efficiency and productivity.

  • Expand your business and personal capacity—get more done in less time
  • End the frustration of missed deadlines, missing paperwork and missed opportunities
  • Increase your competitive advantage in a tough economy
  • Reduce the stress of juggling work and home

I encourage you to check out her website and the resources she offers. Her Transforming Times newsletter is one that always gives me a nugget – something I can apply right away.

For instance, in this week’s newsletter she talked about “Saying No More Often.”  Yes!  Her suggestion on how to graciously say “No,” and then be quiet was my nugget.

I’ve referred family members and clients to Audrey and her team. They always deliver exceptional service. (AND they rock when it comes to helping you get your office organized!)

You can learn how Audrey can make your life easier at

Let’s keep it simple!

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