Rain and The Word

The rain does not go eternallyThis Fall weather in Minnesota brings dampness.

Life’s like that sometimes, isn’t it?
Moments are ushered in that leave us needing…comfort.

Decisions bring consequences.
Misunderstandings wound.
Change unsettles us.

The soft snuggly piece of worn cotton that we had when we still used a pacifier would feel perfect.
Something warm to wrap ourselves in.
Something that would stop the shivers.

And then there are times when the pastel-colored blanket just isn’t enough.

The drizzles have turned into icicles that hang low.
Frozen. Frigid.
Nothing makes us feel warm. Or alive.
We can’t breathe.

Paralysis prevents us from knowing how to think. What to do. How to keep going.
Tomorrow morning the discouragement, pain, sadness, the anger…
They will pierce our hearts like the pelting rain that hits our unprotected cheeks.

And then we read The Words.
The Words that have the power to heal. Soothe. Warm us.

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not be in want.
HE will provide for my every need..and it will be His best.

He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me besides quiet waters.
HE provides warmth. Quiet. Peace. Rest.

He restores my soul.
HE gives me breath.

Oh, My Friends…
Let’s warm ourselves.

Let’s escape from the ice, the cold, the tundra aloneness.

Relax in The Words.
Bask in their warmth.

Breathe again.

You are Extraordinarily Significant!