You Rock!

It’s so predictable. And it always makes me smile.

Wheel of Fortune.

When the contestants are sharing who is with them in the audience…
The spouses are always described as…
My beautiful wife, Helen.
My amazing husband, Floyd.

They are always, always, always described as beautiful or handsome or wonderful, etc. Gushingly.

In that nervous moment with millions of eyes on them, it’s not enough to just introduce them by name. They are presented as the best of the best.

{Of course, I can’t imagine anyone saying My not-very-attractive wife, Helen. Or My lousy husband, Floyd.  Right?}

And when the TV camera pans to Helen and Floyd…they are beaming. Proud as peacocks and King and Queen for the Day.

They have been described as Special. Cared about. Important to Someone.
And someone else heard about it.

And isn’t that what we all want in our own ways?
To know that someone singles us out to proclaim our beauty or awesomeness or smarts or talents or kindness?

Even introverts want to be recognized. Seen. Acknowledged.
Just more privately.

You know who I think misses those shout-outs most in our lives?
The Helens and the Floyds. Unless we’re on Wheel of Fortune.
The people we live with…love the most.

I think it becomes easier to say See what she’s done…Did you hear how he…Isn’t it amazing that she…about friends and co-workers and children than it is to highlight Helen and Floyd. Not all the time. But too much of the time.

We want to know that we matter. Especially to those closest to us.

So even though I will never be on Wheel of Fortune,
I’m going to make sure I sing the praises of the Helens and Floyds in my life.
And of the great guy named Steve.

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You are Extraordinarily Significant!