Who Made the Rule?

You can do this. It's time to be brave.

I wonder who made The Rule.

The Rule about where women are supposed to stand when they are waiting in line in a public bathroom.

It’s break time at a conference and of course we all dash to the restroom, right? But the dash comes to a screeching halt when we open the door. There we find women crammed into the corner behind the door, elbow to elbow, because no one wants to actually move into the bathroom and stand in the open space.

I don’t understand this.

There is plenty of room if we line up against the aqua-colored tile and face the sinks and the mirrors. Ladies are still able to move gracefully from stall to sink to towel dispenser without getting crushed by the masses.

But I guess one day long ago, one woman decided that no one would stand in that space. We must all huddle just inside the door and line up outside this important room in front of the drinking fountain and registration table.

Maybe someone got in her way when she was trying to put on her lipstick. Or she feared that women would try and butt in and we wouldn’t remember who was really next in line.

A couple weeks ago I saw one woman decide she’d had enough of the door hitting her in the forehead as she waited. So she boldly stepped out, moved in front of several very hot and squished women, and placed herself against the wall in the center part of the bathroom where there was a whole bunch of empty space.

Yes, she really did that.

She didn’t look at anyone. Just flattened herself and breathed deeply.
She was my hero. Her cape may have been invisible, but I knew it was there.

I moved out of the doorway and bravely took a section of the wall next to her. I was Robin to her Batman. Or Amazing Girl to her Wonder Woman.

We were taking a stand against the greatest annoyance in the history of forever. We were Big Girls. Going where no woman had dared to go before. Unafraid. Bold. Changing the world one bathroom line at a time.

We stood there alone while the bathroom went silent (except for the frequent flushes and very obnoxiously loud hand dryers).
No one else joined us. Everybody tried not to stare.
And we all remembered where we were in line.

It was a brave moment.
I’m hoping it will start a movement.

We can do this, Ladies. Let’s break The Rule.
Let’s find the open spaces and move in.

It’s time to be brave.

This is from my book, This is Livin’! Learning to Move from Messy Moments to Happy Places.

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