We Want to be Seen

Loved. This.

It was like watching a room with Jack-in-the-Boxes lying quietly dormant, waiting for their chance to Pop goes the weasel!

Sunday morning church…
The children’s message had just ended, and the little ones were rearranging themselves up front to sing about how much they loved Jesus.

And as if a conductor had lifted his baton to signal It’s time
Parents and grandparents popped up from their seats and swiftly moved to the side aisles and front pews.
They wanted to capture the moment.

Some tried to move quietly. Some hunched their shoulders believing that they wouldn’t be seen then. Some slid in next to friends who graciously moved hymn books and purses to make room.

iPhones and iPads were raised. Focused on the cherubs in the front.
Each proud relative checking around to make sure that no one’s view was being blocked behind them.

And the children?
They beamed. And waved. And giggled with their hands in front of their mouths.

Oh, the natural joy that showed up when children knew there was someone there who was proud of them. Someone who wanted to take their picture or capture the song on film to play it over and over again that afternoon.

We never lose our desire to be Seen. Affirmed. Smiled at.
We never lose our desire to know that someone wants to make a memory with us.

Granted, not everyone wants to be on stage. Not everyone wants to be memorialized in pictures and videos. {My husband is a self-described “offline person.” I get it.}

But there are always ways to tap into the hearts of anyone…ways to say…
I am proud of you.
Way to go.
I love being in this moment with you.

Let’s look for those moments today.

You are Extraordinarily Significant!