Time for the Annual Switch

Listen! Do you hear it?

It’s a melodic strain that sounds like humming birds bringing lightness, sweetness and gleefulness.

It will get louder and even brighter over the next few days…you’ll hear harmony, giggles, energy, and emotion.

If you live in the Midwest, throw open your windows and lean around the screen door and listen for it.

If you aren’t a blizzard – road construction – mosquito resident, tilt your head towards Minnesota and turn your ears our way.
You’ll hear it…listen for it…

It’s the sound of Girlfriends all over the Midwest skipping into The Annual Switch.

Our heavy, fiber-filled parkas with the worn-out zippers and draw-string hoods are switching places with buttercup yellow, sky blue, and cinnamon-colored light, breezy, spring jackets.

From trailer parks, apartment complexes, cul de sacs, farmhouses, and my mom’s living room, lilting, jubilant voices are joining together in one glorious chorus of Thanks be to God! It is time!

Yes, indeed.  Even the most reserved Norwegian-Lutheran Girlfriends who can’t fathom clapping in rhythm with the hymns in the church pews are doing The Switch Happy Dance in the privacy of their own kitchens.

Good-bye bulk…Hello springtime!

We no longer have to protect our skin and tissue from -30° windchill and sleeting snow. (Ha!  Chill?? Let’s call it windfreeze!)

We don’t need the padding that softens the impact of a butt-landing when the ice on the sidewalk wins the balance battle.

We can throw caution to the wind and leave the 3-layered mittens in the Rubbermaid tub in the back closet.

Scarves that knotted tightly around our heads and necks keeping our faces from becoming icy blocks of frozen redness are replaced with silk, linen, and polyester streams of fashion statements that hang loosely around our shoulders and necklines in whatever style the 30 Ways to Tie a Scarf book tells us to wear them.

Toes that have been wrapped inside wool socks and clunker boots are moving again with anticipation of spreading out in sandals while enjoying the breeze. (I bow in deep admiration to my Girlfriends who can wear the stylish 2-inch heeled boots and stay upright when walking the skating rinks we used to call parking lots.)

In our lighter jackets our arms can actually bend.
We can turn our heads and see something besides the inside of the hood.
Good-bye, Michelin Woman.

From heavy to light.
Confinement to freedom.
Gray tones to sunshine.

It’s time for The Switch.

Spring is arriving in Minnesota.
Bring it on!

“…let us throw off everything that hinders…”  🙂

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