Tim McGraw and Commitment

As I’m listening to the podcast, I say to myself out loud …
Who does that?!”

And then I respond (to myself) …
Tim McGraw does.”

Country music superstar Tim McGraw was being interviewed about his book that just came out, “Grit and Grace.”

Y’all, get this. (I used the word “y’all” because Tim is country and it just seemed appropriate to sound like I knew a bit about southern stuff.) Anyway …

When he’s on tour, they have a semi trailer that hauls only their workout equipment. A semi load of things to use when exercising! I get whiny when I have to add exercise bands to my carry-on.

I can’t even imagine.

I mean, really. A trailer that carries gigantic rubber tires and those big battle ropes, weighted sleds and high boxes to jump on (Have mercy!), kettle bells, rowing machines, and other stuff you’d find in a CrossFit gym. (Not that I’ve ever been in a CrossFit gym, but I’ve seen pictures.) Tim McGraw said that they exercise three times a day on the road. One of those times is when they open the backdoor of the semi and unload their toys into the back parking lot next to their tour bus. And then they exercise. Fiercely. 

This guy is serious. Committed. Consistent.

Why? He knows that the workout makes him better. It’s the right thing for him to do. He leaves the excuses behind. He’s willing to put in the work to get the results he wants. It changes his life. 

I’ve been an exercise dabbler all my life. I’m great at starting the “get healthy” commitment, working hard at it, seeing results, and then life happens, and my commitment is no longer committed. Then I’ll start up again later.

(Good news here, though. My dabbling has decreased in the last few years, and my commitment has been much more consistent. I’m healthier as a result – with still a lot of room for improvement.) 

The area in my life where I do not ever want to dabble is in my faith walk — my commitment to believing God is who He says He is and trusting that He will do what He says He will do. This is a journey that I want to be consistently consistent. 

My faith commitment wants 100% of me. And I freely and enthusiastically give that. (Well, most of the time. Still growing and seeking grace and mercy here, my friend.) You and I both know that dabbling in any relationship doesn’t develop deep trust or intimacy, and it doesn’t help us know the other person deeply. Just like dabbling in exercising doesn’t get you the health results you could experience with 100% commitment. 

I certainly don’t want a surface level relationship with The One Who Loves Me Most.

Perhaps you’re tired. Or you’re wondering if God has taken a Fall trip to Tahiti. Or you’re wishing that your faith was different.

You can change things up. You can move your heart, your soul, and your belief forward. You can stop dabbling and move that commitment meter to 100% right now.

If you want to know God in a way that will turn your world upside down, start doing the things that help you get to know Him. Fill your own faith trailer with practices that develop your relationship. And then everyday, open the doors to that semi and pull out your faith tools. Use them. Fiercely. 

Best place to start: Read the Bible daily. Read His promises. Absorb His lessons. Remember all the good things He has waiting for you. Whether it’s a verse or a chapter, read the Good Word. Then ask God to meet you – in your needs, your questions, your direction. 

You and I will never regret giving 100% to our relationship with The Almighty God who created the heavens and the earth. He will never disappoint us. It will not be a waste of time.

God has really amazing stuff waiting for us. Let’s not miss it!

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard,
no mind has conceived
what God has prepared for those who love him.”
(I Corinthians 2:9)

P.S. Discovering what God has prepared for us who love him does not require any burpees! This is a very good thing. 

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