Small Parts Matter

The movie credits splash the names of the stars across the screen. We know who they are; they are the ones who producers depend on to get us into the theaters. The biggies.

I’m more intrigued by those whose names show up in smaller fonts. The actors whose parents lean forward in their seats and squint their eyes when watching for their son’s or daughter’s names roll up at the very bottom of the list.

Sally Jones…Townsperson #1

Rob Johnson…Bystander #2

Mary Monson…Girlfriend #2

Unless we were specifically watching for that actor in a scene, her character wouldn’t stand out unless she photobombed the scene. (But that wouldn’t happen because the director would cut it.)

But that actor/character/part is necessary. It fills the space. It creates the movement. It creates context and paints the picture for that scene. If there were no townspeople, bystanders, girlfriends in the movie – if we only watched the main characters – it would be a boring story.

I’ve decided that I want townsperson #1 and girlfriend #3 and bystander #2 in my life. Because these are the people that make my story – my life – complete.

When my heart is heavy or my soul is tired, I don’t need the star who is better, bigger, or more well-known to show up. I need someone who is willing to fill, support, or complete my picture. Someone who will show up and stand or sit or be just where my life needs them to be.

And when someone in my story is having a tough time, I need to show up. It’s not up to the lead characters or the most faith-filled, or the smartest or wittiest to enter that scene. It’s up to me. My friend needs someone to fill that space. I can do that. Just as I am. She’s not looking for the most impressive bio or leading roles. She’s looking for someone who knows how to show up and be there. Someone who’s been there.

I am so grateful for the characters who breathe life into my story. For those whose credits may be in small font on the screen, but in large print on my heart.

Let’s hear it for Girlfriend #1…Girlfriend #2…Girlfriend #3…!

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  1. Gaye, I love your perspective! We’re all a part of God’s big picture aren’t we? Like you always say. “You are significant” Sending love & hugs to you, my friend.

You are Extraordinarily Significant!