Make Time for Happy

Dorothy was a hoot!

I met her at a women’s retreat. She was wearing a beautiful cobalt blue blouse while she told me about her grandchildren.

When I complimented her on her blouse, she said, “Well, my hair color changed this month and I had to find something to match it. I usually mix different hair colors, but this month I ran out of all of them. So, I just mixed what was left of everything I had. Now my hair color changes every day!”

And then…she laughed. And shook her beautiful blue locks of hair.

Dorothy’s joy came through all weekend. She was a ray of sunshine. And a barrel of fun.

And here’s the deal …
Her life hasn’t always been a bed of roses. She’s like you. Like me. We’ve had moments that were good, not-so-good, and You’ve got to be kidding me!

And yet …
She’s watching for – and creating – great moments.
She’s looking for the joy and giggles, not just waiting for them to show up.

What a way to live, right?

Oh, friend, let’s do that too. Even on our really, over-the-top busy days, let’s squeeze out some fun. Find time to smile. Breathe deeply. See the humor. Take our mind on a “That was a fun time!” memory journey.

Life is short.
And life is good.

Let’s make time for happy.

And perhaps make some radical changes to our hair color. Just because.

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