Life Happens and the Plates Spin

Dishes 1 - BlogOn some days the plates are neatly stacked.  Orderly, uneventful. Other days they spin…furiously. Watching the twirling, feeling the frantic, makes me dizzy. And on some days, the tiny life stick that holds them in the air can’t stay straight and they wobble in big arc circles and then crash into jagged, sharp pieces.

God is faithful…always.
On the neatly stacked days, I take a breath and everything is clear. It all makes sense. Everything is in synch.

God is faithful…always.

Six breaths later, the phone rings and there’s a hurt or a need or a request that throws my equilibrium off and I have to remember to breathe deeply…or even just breathe.

Anxiety rises and I wonder where my happy place went.

God is faithful…always.

I spin the plates and get things back on track.

Spinning plates

God is faithful…always.





The email pops up and it throws me for a loop.  The rejection feels like my heart has been pricked. As if the feeling of not being good enough was hiding there all along, just waiting to get my attention.

God is faithful…always.

I remind myself that I live for An Audience of One.  One person’s opinion does not send the earth crashing to a halt—only the plates wobble. It is one person’s opinion. I move through it and stack my plates again.

God is faithful…always.

When these days come – and they do – we can only cling to what is constant.

Trusting in others to always show up just as I want them to show up will never happen…that’s the stuff for fairy tales.

Believing that nothing will disturb my schedule, my priorities, my expectations of others…well, that’s just plain silly. Not even remotely possible.

And reading and praying all the verses between Genesis and Revelation may not change my situation. Life is still going to happen.

It’s on these days that I go back to that one simple truth…

God is faithful…always.

It is my soul’s cry. My heart’s beat. And my head’s mantra.

It brings me Comfort. Peace. Hope.

It is Truth.

When I can’t keep the plates neatly stacked and I can’t rest between the spinning plates,
I will rest in God’s faithfulness.

God is faithful…Always.

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