Leave This Guest At Home

It’s the guest many of us bring to Thanksgiving dinner. The guest that can turn a beautiful get-together into frustrations and silent tears and sour attitudes. Expectations.

Yup. Expectations. The guest we invite that all too often lets us down. We want the Norman Rockwell feast around the table with everyone using kind words. Everyone on time and helping. And our football team wins. But…

The rolls get burned.
The turkey is dry.
Cousin Bobby sulks.
Aunt Mary speaks harsh zingers.
Half the group eats, burps, and heads for the couch.
And your football team leaves anything resembling skill in the locker room.

All you wanted was a nice get-together. But what you got was a headache, hassles, and a sink full of dirty pots and pans. Expectations showed up and let you down. The event would have been more enjoyable if Expectations had been removed from the guest list. Here’s what I’ve learned…I’ve bet you’ve come to realize it too…

At these important events and get-togethers, Expectations can mess with the party. If we keep a perfect picture of what the perfect day should look like as our vision, we will be disappointed. Because life isn’t perfect. People aren’t perfect. And cranberries will sit forgotten in the fridge until you’re serving the pumpkin pie. Besides…everyone around your dinner table brought a kissin’-cousin of Expectations. All the Expectations are similar…but different.


We drop the event Expectations and enjoy moments with the people. Leave Expectations in the car and join your family and friends inside.

These people in your life…
Look them in the eye.
Listen with both ears.
Think before you speak.

Let the Expectations of a perfect event go. Focus on the People. Show up. Laugh. Hug. Go with the flow.

Good-bye, Expectations.

Hello, People I Love.

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