I’ll Take a Memoir, Please

I’ll take a memoir, please.
One preferably written by a not-so-young woman whose story reads something like this…

Her life was filled with hope-filled dreams. Exciting expectations. Blue skies and sun-filled days. She had energy that made skipping in her summer slip-ons easy-peasy. “Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows” was a theme song. (And yes, that really is a song. Our little “Vicki’s Girls” group sang it back in the day. Now you’re really impressed, right?)

Then life happened. Her skies got cloudy. Disappointment replaced those dreams.  Skipping was totally out of the question. Flat, sensible shoes with round toes and rubber soles made walking more comfortable. “Bridge over Troubled Water” played on repeat.

The next section in her memoir shares a season in her life that was filled with “What if…?” What if things don’t change? What if it doesn’t get better? What if this is all there is?

And then … of course … the best part …
Something shifted for her. She let something shift inside her. A person, an event, a doctor, a counselor, something or someone lit a spark in her weary soul. A word of encouragement, a book, a refreshing presence of Jesus …
She decided to do something to get out of the rut and start living again. She decided not to let her circumstances define her. She decided to write a different story.

When we read this memoir, we cheer her on through the book’s pages, don’t we? Laugh with her. Marvel at her strength. Whisper, “I want to do that too.”

The end of her memoir reminds us that better days will happen. The grey skies and dark clouds don’t stay as forever-companions. But they influenced who she is today. Stronger. Wiser. More peaceful. More joyful. Her life changed. Her heart healed and her spirit was restored.

She decided. And then she did.

Yes. I love memoirs.
And it’s their endings that bring the goosebumps, the smiles, the HOPE.

As I was reading a new favorite this morning, I was reminded …
I am writing my memoir today.
You are writing your memoir today.

Our stories move from blue skies to grey skies to dark skies and back to blue skies throughout the seasons of life, right? And we choose to keep moving through … knowing that we really can write a great ending.

We sense that flicker of hope and we cling to it. We grasp that igniting moment or word. We choose something different.
We allow God to enter our story in a new way. In a way that lets Him restore and rejuvenate.
We decide. And then we do.

My dear friend.
Will you take a challenge with me?

Let’s start a new section in our memoirs today.
There is an igniter in front of us. Waiting to be grasped. It might be that “one thing” we know we need to do to make amends. Get healthier. Move our dreams closer to reality. Talk to God.
Let’s just get off our butts and do that one thing.

Today – this moment – you can start a new chapter.

Where to begin?
Ask God to show you the next step. Ask Him to give you renewed energy. Ask Him to give you the courage.
Ask. Then listen. Then get up and move.

Turn the page of your own story. Grab a fresh pen. Start writing something new.

Your memoir matters to God. It matters to you. It’s a big deal.


“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”
II Timothy 4:7

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