Hope and Hallmark Movies

The season is here, my friend. And there’s no turning back.

It’s the season of …
Hallmark. Holiday. Specials.

Now I like a good sappy, cry-til-your-eyes-are-puffy and your face-is-blotchy movie like everyone else. (“Everyone else” wouldn’t include my husband Steve, though. He would rather read a book. Or shovel the snow. Or do almost anything else.)

But sometimes, these shows are just a bit too much.
Everything always seems so…Good. Nice. Not real.

In the movies, the young woman who is surrounded by clutter and can’t clean her way out of a paper bag is endearing.
The woman who is always, always, always late is charming.
And does anyone in these movies have rosacea? No. I didn’t think so.

As much as I appreciate the story line and enjoy the characters while watching someone’s dream come true, I find myself periodically rolling my eyes and saying out loud to no one in the room, “Really?”

It’s hard to just watch the movie for what it is – a TV show. Somewhere between the opening scene where the young girl of 28 is leading a New York Fortune 500 ad agency, and scene two where she has to quickly fly home to Iowa to save her small town, well, some things just doesn’t seem realistic. (And I remind myself – it’s a TV show!)

It’s during scene three, when I’ve figured out how the story will end and who will be happy and who will learn a hard life lesson, when I open the freezer and pull out the Haagen-Dazs ice cream. Because. Just because.

Comparing starts to creep in. My life starts to seem wonky and not enough. (Yes, wonky is a word. I think.) Even if similar life experiences show up in the story line, my real life doesn’t look as simple or easy or as fixable as what threads through the Hallmark movie.

But here’s a trademark of all these Hallmark shows that keep calling my name and inviting me to watch: These stories are filled with Hope.

We love them because the story always has a happy ending.
They remind us that there is good in the world. Love is plentiful. Children’s church choirs still make us smile.

Here’s what I’m holding close to my heart as I watch these real / not real stories:

My Life Has Hope.
It is filled with it.
And I don’t need a Hallmark moment to experience it.

Every day. All around me. Blessings abound.
I just need to look for them. Be aware of them.

I am loved. Cared for.
There is a roof over my head. Girlfriends are steadfast. Sisters are miracle workers.
And God is faithful. Always.

Here’s what’s really cool …

I am the lead character in a not-made-for-TV movie that is spellbinding, joy-filled, and emotion-packed. It is filled with drama, mystery, celebrations, and ups and downs that can make your head swirl.  It’s a great story; it’s my story. The Divine Director is guiding my storyline and He will never, ever fail me.

I’m going to create my own Hallmark moments this season and be Endearing. Charming. GRATEFUL.

Want to join me? Oh good!
Let’s write our own Hallmark Stories of Hope.

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