Discovering the How

Cross on lakeI have a love / don’t-like-so-much relationship with some of the verses in the Bible.

I love the verses that remind me that God loves me. That He knows my name. That He is faithful – always.

But then there are those verses that take away my perceived right to whine, grumble, and be anxious.

Like Matthew 6:34…
do not worry about tomorrow

I want to believe that Matthew had added these words, “…unless things are really messy now and there is lots to be anxious about and you’ve been bumped from your Happy Place. Then go ahead and be anxious.”  And those words got lost in the printing process.

But we know that isn’t true.


So as I read those words again this morning, I wanted to get them. I did not want to simply accept them and move on…still being worried and now feeling guilty about that too. I wanted to work through the how.

How do we not worry about the things we see in front of us – real fears or unknown fears?

So I didn’t budge from those words until I figured it out. Again.
And clarity came.  Again.

Matthew gives us the how.
Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness…

Trying to figure out how to fix everything. Fighting against the bad things. Swirling in the emotions that come with anxiety and fear.
Those behaviors do not bring us out of worry. They perpetuate it.
They keep our attention focused on the problem rather than The One who can give us the Answer. Direction. Peace.

So how about finding time to sit and think on God? Asking Him about the worries?
How about looking to HIM first? Changing our line of sight? Changing what we focus on?

Whether it’s on the Adirondack on the deck at twilight time, or snuggling in the comfy armchair on rainy days, or stretched out on the lounger enjoying the Vitamin D…

Let’s consider God.

He wants to be more than our 911 on speed dial.

He wants us to seek Him…know Him…develop our relationship with Him.

And when we do?
Those worries don’t look so big anymore.

You are Extraordinarily Significant!