A Soft Place To Land

Man, oh man.

It was one of those nightmares that you just can’t wake up from.

That night, mine didn’t include falling off cliffs and people weren’t chasing me with chainsaws. This bad dream seemed more “every day.”

In my nightmare that never seemed to end, I was at a conference in a very large convention center. I had gotten separated from my group and I was frantically wandering hallways and stairwells to try and find someone I knew. My purse had been stolen along with my cell phone. I just could not get my bearings.

To add even stronger emotions to this toss-and-turn-not-sleeping-anxiety-filled dream, my dad was back on earth, at the conference, walking briskly around the hallways with his signature positive, upbeat mood, greeting everyone he saw with a “Hello” and a smile and fist pump in the air. But he didn’t know who anyone was. He didn’t know me. He had Alzheimer’s.

Good grief. This was not a restful dream.

You know what this kind of dream is like, right? You wake up for a few moments, but it still seems real? You try and go back to sleep, and your dream picks right back up.

I decided to just get out of bed, sit in my living room chair, find some quiet for my heart and mind, and pray for peace.

What did I start praying? “Come, Lord Jesus, be our guest, and let these gifts to us be blest. Amen.” The Table Prayer.


You know, friend, there are some days when you just need to show yourself some grace, right? This was one of those early mornings for me.

When I’m out of sorts and can’t shake the cobwebs out of my head, I usually give myself a little pep talk. Come on, Gaye, it’s OK. Get up and get moving. It’s just a dream.

But then there are other times – like this one was for me – that I just needed to chill. I mean, really chill.

I needed to be my own safe place to land.

And then just sit there for a while.

Without pressure to “do” and without judgment on being behind and not getting things done fast enough.

You know what I mean?

Mid-August brings changes, doesn’t it? New schedules. New routines. If you’ve got kids in school, everything changes! It feels like the fun is going away and real life is hitting us like the air stream from a fan set on This is as high as it goes.


Want to join me? Let’s create a Grace Club.

A Safe Place to Land Grace Club.

Show yourself some grace. Set the to-do list aside; the world won’t end if you do.

Take a break. Better yet, take a nap.

If you’re feeling like your body is struggling and your mind is straggling, take a deep breath.

YOU are your safe place to land.

It’s OK to just sit for a while.

And then … get up and start again.

We’ve got this, friend.

You, me, and Grace.

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